Our Mission

​Offering unique opportunities for youth with autism spectrum disorders, at ACTING ANTICS we believe in using the creative arts to encourage social skills and communication growth.


We offer many innovative programs suited to diverse needs and interests. These programs are ever expanding and evolving.

Special educator by trade and an avid thespian Cindy Schneider experimented with offering theater workshops for youth on the autism spectrum and found them to be natural actors.

Who We Are

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“I have enjoyed watching my grandson blossom in your Acting Antics program. What a thrill for me to see him singing and dancing, and interacting with the other kids in your productions. And your facility has a very welcoming and comfortable environment. The children really seem at ease with each other, and to enjoy each other's company. You're program is such a blessing.”


Carol W,

Family Member

“I liked Acting antics because I liked knowing that lots of kids have disabilities; I'm not the only one. I also liked making friends with the other kids and performing on a real stage with a curtain. That's the best part. I like being onstage for the big finale and putting what we learned all together for the show. When we take our final bows, we get wonderful applause."


Anna G,


Musical Theater participant

The Lives We Impact

Saturday March 28th



Dates to Know

​June 29th- July 2nd 

NEW!!! Computer Animation Camp

Summer 2015!



Movin' and Groovn'

Computer Animation

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Actors in Action

Adaptive Dance

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