Rose & Stevie - Sibling Dance at our
9th Annual Acting Antics Extravaganza, 2016

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Acting Antics 9th Annual Extravaganza!  April 2, 2016

Our Acting Antics Kiddos and Families
Share Their Stories

Rose Talks about how the Acting Antics
Extravaganza began 10 years ago


We'll be adding photos and videos from our recent ENCORE Weekend of Performances of "The Granny Awards" produced by SALT Performing Arts here soon!

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ACTING ANTICS is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization dedicated to providing socialization opportunities through theatre and music to those with a diagnosis on the Autism Spectrum and other social cognition needs.

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Acting Antics 8th Annual Extravaganza!  March 28, 2015

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