Thursday night, July 20, 2017, join us for a

 Teen Social Night

from 5-7pm


EBS Children's Therapy!

200 Skiles Blvd.

West Chester, PA 19382

(across from Stetson Middle School)

This week is GAME NIGHT!

We'll provide plenty of games,

but feel free to bring your favorite

board game to share if you want to

(completely optional)!

$20 at the door

with an RSVP to Melissa!

•• RSVPif you think you are attending ••


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2017 Summer Social Nights Schedule:

JULY                20, 27
AUGUST          3, 10, 17, 24, 31

SEPTEMBER   7 (Final Wrap-Up)

Each Social Night is $20 at the door with an RSVP to Melissa.


• If a commitment to ALL 2017 Social Nights can be made, we can offer you a DISCOUNTof $125 for ALL 8 NIGHTS which is a $35 savings!

AND, you can ALSO sign up for our TEEN IMPROV CLASS from 3:30-5pm on Thursdays! $250 for all 8 sessions!


• If a commitment to ALL Social Nights AND Improv Classes can be made (Improv from 3:30-5 and stay for Social Night from 5-7), we can offer you aCOMBINED DISCOUNT of $300 for BOTH!That's a savings of $110.00!!

••  RSVPby emailing Melissa Frassoni at  ••

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ACTING ANTICS is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) organization dedicated to providing socialization opportunities through theatre and music to those with a diagnosis on the Autism Spectrum and other social cognition needs.

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and our Teen Improv Class!

This summer, this group will meet Thursday nights from 5pm-7pm to enjoy interaction through a variety of social activities including movie nights, karaoke, playing board games, dancing, and other activities chosen by the group.

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